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Team Members

Abdul Abbas-photo

Abdul Abbas

I faced my fear of heights by solo skydiving.

Randi Calkins-photo

Randi Calkins

I have been both indoor and outdoor skydiving!

James Dahlman-photo

James Dahlman

When we publish a paper, I get dinner from Community Q.

Lilly Dahlman-photo

Lilly Dahlman

When the lab publishes I get to eat Community Q.

Tobi Dahlman-photo

Tobi Dahlman

When the lab publishes I get to eat Community Q.

Jessie Doan-photo

Jessie Doan

I am allergic to cats and have two cats.

Kara Gentry-photo

Kara Gentry

I’m a member of the Atlanta Pickle Ball Club.

Toshinari Honda-photo

Toshinari Honda

I like playing golf, but I just can’t play it well.

Sebastian Huayamares-photo

Sebastian Huayamares

I have been to 17 countries in the last 7 years; I love traveling.

Bora Jang-photo

Bora Jang

My name is Bora, so I went to Bora Bora Island for my honeymoon.

Hyejin Kim-photo

Hyejin Kim

In grad school, I did body building and was once a gym model.

Dorothy Koveal-photo

Dorothy Koveal

I love food so much that I went to the top of a mountain in Spain for cheese and hiked 5 miles in Portugal for bread.

Yanina Kuzminich-photo

Yanina Kuzminich

Я размаўляю на пяці мовах.

Liming Lian-photo

Liming Lian

My cat’s name is Molecule.

David Loughrey-photo

David Loughrey

I once came last out of 350+ people in the swimming portion of an ​Olympic-length triathlon – Athlete!

Ananda Podilapu-photo

Ananda Podilapu

One thing I cannot live without is “Indian Tea.” If I won the lottery, I would instantly run an Indian Tea stall.

Sebastian Rudden-photo

Sebastian Rudden

Three of my favorite places in the world: Queen’s Park Savannah (Trinidad & Tobago), Regent’s Park (London, UK), Piedmont Park (Atlanta, Georgia).

Elisa Schrader-photo

Elisa Schrader

I speak 4 languages. Hablo 4 idiomas. Ich kann vier Sprachen sprechen. Eu posso falar quatro línguas.

Avraham Shakked-photo

Avraham Shakked

I love endurance running: I’ve run 7 marathons. One day I aim to do an Ironman.

Karen Tiegreen-photo

Karen Tiegreen

I play 7 instruments; the ones I enjoy the most are the ones I play the least well!

Jay Wroe-photo

Jay Wroe

Wild coffee is expected to be extinct by the year 2080.

Ryan Zenhausern-photo

Ryan Zenhausern

My Spotify album has over 4,000 streams, so I have made ~7$ from music in 2 years!


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